FOZ Tasarım

FOZ Tasarım, providing Graphic Design, Architectural Consultancy, Promotions, Publication Design and Editorial Services, is a freelance design workshop established by Fatih Cengiz Öz.


Fatih Cengiz Öz

He received his Bachelor and Master's of Architecture Degrees in 1986 and 1989 respectively from Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of Architecture.


He was a full-time architectural design critic in the same department starting from 1987. He also lectured on ‘Post Occupancy Evaluation Studies’ which later led to the publication of research articles on various buildings both in Turkey and abroad in ‘XXI Architectural Magazine’.


Photography and graphic design as lateral interest areas were always alive for him from 90’s onward. The 3rd Prize and an Honorable Mention in ‘Çinici Photograph Competition’ in 1998; the promotional designs of "Anytime International Conference" co-organized in Ankara by New York based ANY Corporation and Architects Association 1927; the contributions to the development of the XXI’s image archive in 2000-2001 period; the promotional designs of "Young Turkish Architects Exhibition" organized by TEPE Architectural Culture; the numerous works as the ‘Faculty Graphic Coordinator’ while administering as a member of "METU Faculty of Architecture Press Board" between 2002-2003 were important milestones.


In 2003, he took place in project groups as an assistant designer who won Honorable Mention and Purchasing Prizes in project competitions.


After leaving METU at the end of 2004, he started his business as a freelance designer.


Currently, while continuing his graphic design works along with editorial studies all being predominantly on architecture and art in print media and interactive mediums at his workshop, he teaches at METU Department of Architecture as a part-time instructor.


Fatİh Cengİz Öz

an architect,

a graphic designer,

 an instructor;


a unique blend of identities.